From Basic to Extra: Emmaline is Bringing Back Jackets

When my husband proposed to me in 2015, he proposed with the most beautiful 4.08 carat vintage emerald cut diamond ring. It was flanked with two tapered baguettes, dated from the 1930s-40s. He picked it out without me in order to surprise me. Like most men shopping without the woman’s input, he chose something from […]

Anueva Jewelry Makes My Heart Poppy

Anueva Jewelry is the type of jeweler I love to support– a small business woman who puts herself into her jewels and her business. Jennifer Vinje is the creative genious and jeweler for Anueva Jewelry. She has been my friend since one of my first posts of my real identity on the ‘gram, and has […]

Marrying Captain Redbeard: An Irish Castle Elopement

When I started this blog, I intended it to share beyond jewelry, and include all facets (ha! get it?) of my life. So here I am, sharing one of the most beautiful days of my life, in a series of posts dedicated to our one year of marriage. Don’t worry, there are jewelry pictures, too.  […]

Bring Back the Brooch: Reinventing the Old

#bringbackthebrooch Brooches have been “out” for far too long. There’s a small but mighty army of vintage and antique jewelry lovers out there on a mission to #bringbackthebrooch. Currently, there are 10,000+ tags on Instagram supporting the movement for a brooch revival. But how do we take something “out” and turn it back “in”? By […]