About Me

Vivian is a lifestyle blogger with a knack for all things jewelry, based in the San Francisco Bay area. She started her obsession with jewelry in 2010. Since then, her interest has evolved and she continually seeks to educate herself about her new sparkly love affair.

Vivian first started sharing her “shameless showoff” ring selfies on Instagram in 2013 as a way to share her passion with like-minded jewelry addicts. Through that platform, she has met magpie friends both in and out of the jewelry industry.

Over time, Vivian has shared her love for adding some sparkle in the every day– including dessert, fashion, beauty, travel, and her beloved dog Banana and sidekick Captain Redbeard.

Follow along The Jewel Diary, as Vivian chronicles her adventures of adorning the mundane and making the internet sparklier, one #ringselfie at a time.