Missing Person: Has Anyone Seen @TheJewelDiary?

Hey fam, if you’ve been following along my sporadic stories, you know I am alive and still up to no good. I have been busy with self care, growing my career (I am now a clinic educator for graduate school students in my field), traveling locally and abroad— and sometimes meeting fellow bling friends!—, and checking my last “to-do by 30”, buying my own home.

“Where on Earth is Viv-men San Francisco?”

I’m presently in Dublin, Ireland as I write this post! In the last few months, I have curated material for a few posts, but I just need the time to breathe, write, and edit. Hopefully they’ll be up soon! Thank you for your patience and for checking in with me, friends! I’ll share photos from my 29th birthday party in Napa wine country. In one more month, I’ll be celebrating my golden birthday (when you turn the age of the day you’re born on; I’m turning 30 on the 30th!) so I guess it’s about time, haha!

My lovely girlfriends (seriously, lovely) from Los Angeles came up and met my girlfriends from the San Francisco Bay Area. They let me (really– it’s a thing) decorate a charcuterie set up, and surprised me with diamond donuts and a balloon. It was hilarious. You would’ve thought it was an engagement party if you passed by. And then we did my favorite thing ever, drink wine. I’m super blessed to have spent that weekend with them, and am now trying to figure out what my upcoming celebration will look like.

Thank you so much (again, haha, one year later) to my friends @thecomelycloset @getgraphicwithjess @kraykraytracy @stephasavalephoto and @hopeisafeather. I can’t wait to see what shenanigans we are up to this year. And a special special thanks to my always loving hubby, Captain Redbeard for renewing my blog for another year 😉

photography | hopeisafeather and getgraphicwithjess
venue | clos du val and castello di amorosa

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    1. Thanks Cal, my #1 supporter haha!

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