Anueva Jewelry Makes My Heart Poppy

Anueva Jewelry is the type of jeweler I love to support– a small business woman who puts herself into her jewels and her business.

Jennifer Vinje is the creative genious and jeweler for Anueva Jewelry. She has been my friend since one of my first posts of my real identity on the ‘gram, and has been such an important part of my jewelry loving adventure in the last two years. I still remember the first time she commented on a picture.  She gave me advice on a post for how to preserve my wedding bouquet flowers in jewelry to wear forever, and gave me a recommendation for a jeweler who encapsulates momentos in fine jewelry resin. I thought, “Wow, this woman is just a genuine friend. She is giving advice beyond her own scope of jewelry, and recommending another jeweler? What a true example of collaboration over competition!” Since then, we’ve fostered a friendship where we laugh at real things, I send her drunk pictures of dinosaur toys posing with jewelry, and she texts me to ask if I’m drinking already before the sun has set. I cried along with her during the lows of the Instagram algorithm, and cheered alongside her when she reaches business milestones and makes incredibly unique jewelry!

This is the type of jeweler I love to support– a small business woman who puts herself into her jewels and her business. Who is a real human being and shares real stories from her life and supports all others who are also growing small businesses. Anueva Jewelry loves to share real stories of strong women, be it jewelers or clients or strangers, who love nature and whom she calls Nature Girls. If there is a reward for being selfless in an industry that is brutal, Jennifer deserves it.

Her love for nature and the earth is the inspiration behind many of her pieces… literally casting real pieces of mother earth.

Jennifer celebrates the different, and breathes life in old pieces by remaking family heirlooms into something that can be worn again. And she pours this type of love into her jewelry line. She uses all reclaimed, recycled metals, and only uses ethically sourced stones to make all of her pieces. The result is unique art out of jewelry, and her love for nature and the earth. She literally makes pieces of jewelry casted from real pieces of mother earth: bark, moss, coral, etc.

If mother earth grew jewelry like it grows flowers or fruit, it would look like Anueva Jewelry pieces.

When describing her pieces, I always say, if mother earth grew jewelry like it grows flowers or fruit, it would look like Anueva Jewelry pieces. They just have such an organic feel to them, one that makes you feel connected to the colors of the wind. So when I got a chance to play with her pieces, I knew I had to go somewhere that made me feel like a Nature Girl, and put them in their best element. In California, we have our state flower, the poppy. In my home area of the San Francisco Bay, we have an abundance of these beautifully textured white Matilija poppies. Known as the “Queen of California Flowers”, it is one of the rare flowers native to my home state.

The two pieces I have on are the Seattle leaf diamond cabochon diamond ring and the red peach rose cut rough diamond ring. The Seattle leaf ring is literally cast from leaves from her home in the Pacific Northwest, and set in reclaimed white gold. The center features an ethically sourced diamond cabochon– something you don’t see every day. Cabochons are domed, with no facets on the top, and breathe a different aura than faceted diamonds. The red peach diamond ring is a nice hefty size at 1.55 carats. It boasts a slight ombre in coloring and is set in a matching peachy rose gold, hand carved by Jennifer. The best part? Each of these are under $900!

They are the perfect engagement ring for the Nature Girl who exudes mother earth in her spirit.

The girl who likes to take time strolling in nature, admiring the sun’s warmth and the smells of the trees and flowers instead of strolling in the shopping malls. The girl whose first date was out hiking in hiking boots, and not dancing in high heels.



1.55 carats red peach rose cut diamond ring | Anueva Jewelry
0.3 carat Seattle leaf rare diamond cabochon ring | Anueva Jewelry
2.5 carats diamond tennis bracelet | James Allen
24kt gold chain bracelet and jade bangle | ethnic, vintage
abstract print jumpsuit | Suzanne Betro on Zulily


8 Replies to “Anueva Jewelry Makes My Heart Poppy”

  1. I love Jennifer! So glad I met her via IG a few months ago. It’s great having other jeweler friends that are kind and easy going. There is plenty success in this world for each of us to have some!

    1. She is SO sweet. Yes, we chatted about how it’s so nice to have jewelry friends before. Everyone works from their studio by themselves, so having each other is having company like a coworker!

  2. Love this blog post!

    I met Jennifer in a similar way – we got in touch because of her kindness and sharing heart.

    1. Thanks Meri! Yes she has such a kind heart!

  3. What a great genuine sweet person. So true. Choose joy. Celebrate one another. Other’s success does not mean your failure.

    1. Jennifer seriously is!!!

  4. Excellent post!The snaps are eye catching.Can i know the stone name which is in pic?Thanks for sharing

  5. Your sisterhood is commendable! Beautiful photos too 🙂

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