Yeah It’s Sparkly, but Why Jewelry?

Ever since I started verbalizing the words, “Hi! I’m Vivian, and I’m a jewelry blogger!” when meeting new people, I have been inundated with the same comments and questions. Which tells me one thing–

the average woman out there loves sparkly jewelry, but is not comfortable with jewelry

Jewelry is intimidating. There’s a bad reputation out there for jewelers thanks to some bad apples and rumors that stink (don’t worry, I got you, boo! If you’re ever looking for a recommendation, I’m your bling bestie and will point you in a good direction…. just email me at [email protected]). It’s expensive, and the consumer doesn’t know what to buy, where to buy it, or who to trust. These are some of the most common questions I am asked.

Can I even afford jewelry?

Yes! Yes, you can. Jewelry doesn’t need to cost an annual salary. Start small. Start with staple pieces. Buy second hand if you’ve done your research. Find jewelers that will buy back, consign, or upgrade if you’re buying something more pricey.

But how do I know what to buy? I buy Forever 21 and H&M jewelry for $10 because it doesn’t matter if it’s a rip off.


It is time for you to adult your jewelry collection. Your jewelry box should no longer be a mess of tarnished unknown metal pieces all tangled together from years of collecting jewelry from the aisles of the checkout line at your nearest fast fashion company.  

Why jewelry? It’s expensive and so tiny, and I already have a shoe and purse addiction!

I consider jewelry to be forever fashion staples that you invest to be a permanent part of your wardrobe. While most of my millennial counterpart femmes are upgrading their closets to Gucci purses and Christian Louboutin heels, I chose to invest my money into jewelry instead. Why? Purses and shoes, no matter how high quality and expensive, can only last for so long. But jewelry can last generations. Plural. What graces your neck today can be on your granddaughter’s neck in 60 years.

And you can’t go cheap all the time. Trust me, I’m a girl all for fast fashion and cheaply  priced disposable looks so I can constantly change my outfit to my fickle heart’s content (this outfit detailed below for less than $50 total). I am a millennial after all. But just as you exude a different confidence and aura when you walk into an interview donning a H&M power suit versus a professionally altered Hugo Boss suit, you exude a different aura when wearing fashion jewelry versus fine jewelry.

When I picture a femme boss, I picture a gal in a polished Burberry trench coat, wearing power pumps, large framed sunglasses, a nice structured leather handbag, a diamond tennis bracelet, a single solitaire pendant, and simple diamond studs.

So upgrade your power jewels. Relinquish your inner femme boss. And sparkle on.



2.5ctw diamond tennis bracelet | james allen
24kt gold chain bracelet | ethnic piece from Asia, similar found here
jade bangle | ethnic piece from Asia, similar found here
off the shoulder pinstriped top | fashion nova
tie waist trouser | boohoo
pointed toe heels | michael kors

8 Replies to “Yeah It’s Sparkly, but Why Jewelry?”

  1. Great piece.

    1. Thank you Serene!

  2. I remember having a conversation about this…so glad you turned this into a post! Thanks, Viv, for the insight!

    1. I’m working on lots of fun topics! It’s my aim to always be real!!! Thanks for following along, Naz!

  3. I thought this blog was going to be about your new ring? Is that coming any time soon? What’s wrong?!

    1. Nothing is wrong. It takes a lot more work than you think to write a post. It takes time to curate images and write content.

  4. Tell it, honey! Upgrading to adult jewelry really does give you a sense of pride that cheap costume jewels cannot. Plus they’ll be around to hand down to future generations. <3

  5. This is an excellent piece! I never really considered the point you made- which is that fine jewelry sets one apart. Thanks for sharing your perspective with us. Very cute outfit too!

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