Blinging Poolside with my Diamond Floaties

The temperature continues to rise, and I find myself spending more and more time cooling down by the pool. Since wearing jewelry in the chlorinated waters isn’t the best idea, I knew I had to find alternative ways to sparkle while getting my tan on. These diamond floaties are the perfect pool side accessory.

These diamond floaties are perfect to continue proclaiming my love for all things sparkly while poolside.

Heck, do I dare say they proclaim the love even louder since they’re so large? And we all know how much I love large diamonds! They’re absolutely adorable and so perfect for hanging out by the pool with, to use as props for photo booth pictures, for your favorite bride-to-be’s bachelorette party, or for any other jeweler or jewelry lover.

I’m already dreaming up of a cute beachside proposal for the beach loving couple, with a giant diamond pool floatie so the bride can pick and design her own ring.

There is one giant diamond ring floatie, and there are little mini diamond ring cup holders for holding your beer bottles while you’re chilling in the water. You can buy them separately, or in a whole set with the little bottle holders. Amazon Prime, again my favorite source to buy anything, will make sure you get it at your door in 2 days just in time for your next pool event for $65 for the whole set of four pieces!

Click here to buy the whole set (giant floatie + 3 drink holders)
Click here to buy just the drink holders (set of 3)



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  1. Finally, diamonds I can afford!

  2. These floaties are everythinggggg

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