Anueva Jewelry Makes My Heart Poppy

Anueva Jewelry is the type of jeweler I love to support– a small business woman who puts herself into her jewels and her business. Jennifer Vinje is the creative genious and jeweler for Anueva Jewelry. She has been my friend since one of my first posts of my real identity on the ‘gram, and has […]

Yeah It’s Sparkly, but Why Jewelry?

Ever since I started verbalizing the words, “Hi! I’m Vivian, and I’m a jewelry blogger!” when meeting new people, I have been inundated with the same comments and questions. Which tells me one thing– the average woman out there loves sparkly jewelry, but is not comfortable with jewelry Jewelry is intimidating. There’s a bad reputation […]

Blinging Poolside with my Diamond Floaties

The temperature continues to rise, and I find myself spending more and more time cooling down by the pool. Since wearing jewelry in the chlorinated waters isn’t the best idea, I knew I had to find alternative ways to sparkle while getting my tan on. These diamond floaties are the perfect pool side accessory. These […]