Bring Back the Brooch: Reinventing the Old


Brooches have been “out” for far too long. There’s a small but mighty army of vintage and antique jewelry lovers out there on a mission to #bringbackthebrooch. Currently, there are 10,000+ tags on Instagram supporting the movement for a brooch revival. But how do we take something “out” and turn it back “in”? By mixing the old with the contemporary, of course!

I’ve never been the biggest fan of brooches and pins purely due to anatomy.

I’m rather busty, and any brooches worn on the chest are displayed at an angle. That doesn’t look as nicely as it does when it sits upright on a chest. Additionally, I dislike poking little holes in my clothing. So I just avoid wearing them in the traditional fashion. So what’s a girl to do? Brooch conversions have been all the rage. However, I am still on the fence about “ruining” the original antique piece by altering it temporarily. So I had to get creative.

Recently, the ol’ black choker fad from the 1990s has come back in full swing, bringing back all sorts of schoolgirl memories. They’re sold for peanuts at all affordable fashion stores, so I purchased a multi-pack for good measure to try with my brooches. Since brooches weigh quite a bit, a thicker choker of heftier material (e.g., faux suede versus lace) works best to support the weight of the metal. Or if you’re more creative and can do a DIY with higher quality materials, you can stop by a crafts store and purchase authentic suede ribbons and create your own choker. Alas, I am lazy, so Amazon Prime shipment in two days was more my style.

And bam! There you go! A makeshift ode to the brooch with a modern take, without altering the original piece.

It’s such a badass modern take, and a great way to pull out brooches from the dark corners of our closets and safes, and give them a refreshing makeover! This works best with narrower brooches that are elongated, but you can wear different shaped brooches given proper thickness of the choker to hold its weight.

I paired the choker with an off-the-shoulder top, since I feel the horizontal cut-off at the shoulders create the perfect visual parallel to the choker on the neck. This blouse is a darling new favorite in my daily wear closet, as it brings just a pop of contemporary style with the little bow ties at the sleeves in a casual blouse. Shop similar below!

platinum and diamond filigree brooch | antique Tiffany and Co.
faux suede choker | set from Amazon
off the shoulder pinstriped bow sleeved blouse | local boutique
unicorn hair | Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids
photography | Stephanie Asavale

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antique brooch | Cassidy Vintage | Ruby Lane | RMS Jewels
off the shoulder pinstriped blouse | Ann Taylor | Forever 21 | Bailey 44






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  1. Very cool idea. Love your top as well! You look stunning!


    1. Thanks Brittany!!!! :* XO

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