I’m So Nasty: Wearing Your Attitude

Since last November, the word nasty has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s now a word that represents all feminists that take pride in being strong, independent, ball-busting women. Women that won’t let misogyny tear them down. Women who do what they want, wear what they want, and define their own strength.

Enter Mo Amir, owner of Adornia.

Mo designs “not-afraid-to-speak-up” jewelry that are just as ball-busting as any nasty woman. Her lariat necklaces carry messages like “boss”, “woke”, “bae”, “gay”, “loud”, and “fat”. I fell in love with her lariat necklaces, and genuinely struggled to pick a piece. I couldn’t pick between boss, fat, loud, or nasty. All words that represent my own personal past struggles and now ownership… words that the patriarchal society has always used to put women down. What better way to take a negative, and spin it into nothing but strength? To show endurance, survival, thriving?

So I’m owning it– I’m a nasty af woman.

I picked “nasty” in the end as homage to all the times I have been shamed for being a strong female. For every moment someone has told me I should smile more often, or be less opinionated because it isn’t ladylike. For the moment when my coworker told me I am too aggressive because I don’t use emoticons or smiley faces in my professional emails. Every single moment any one has ever made me feel like I am less of a woman because I am not “ladylike”. This is my beautiful f-u piece. I define my own ladylike.

The lariat necklace piece

I love how the five letters kiss the collar and breastbone, and hang down towards the décolletage. It’s such a sexy necklace, and I had to pair it with a just-as-sexy neckline. It makes me feel feminine, and so badass.

10% of each sale goes to Planned Parenthood, to support women’s health and access to information to make our own independent, informed choices regarding our own bodies. Adornia is now available at Nordstrom, so get your Nordstrom Notes ready and get your own!


‘Nasty’ lariat necklace | Adornia
Chanel ring | Old Soul 50
Plunge neck jumpsuit | Boohoo


2 Replies to “I’m So Nasty: Wearing Your Attitude”

  1. I love love love this post. For all the times when people tell me that I should smile more, that I’m fierce, I’m aggressive or too opinionated. Pfff. I’m just not fake and then gossip behind others’ backs like them!! Lol. So yea, I’m owning it, I’m not nice, I’m nasty.

    1. Thank you Serene. Yes, we need to own our power!

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